Gunther Sonnenfeld


Gunther has over 20 years of experience as a cross-disciplinarian in the private and public sectors, with specialties in emerging technology, new media, systems design and early stage development. As both an entrepreneur and a fund partner, he has been hands on in 50+ ventures, held senior positions at three multinationals, and has led teams through several exits. He has traveled around the globe experimenting on social innovations in a variety of markets, and has keynoted alongside of other thought leaders on topics ranging from transmedia storytelling to new economic paradigms. Gunther was awarded a Groundswell Award in 2010 for collaborative analytics work done with Adobe, and serves in visiting adjunct roles at The University of Southern California (innovation) and Claremont McKenna (entrepreneurship).

With a background in philosophy and modern literature, Gunther sees the world as a burgeoning polytopia. His guiding principles are rooted in Euclidean approaches to critical thought and action. He is in service to co-creating the most stable, equitable and prosperous economic ecosystem humanly possible.

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