Black Swans and the Geometry of Denial

Smart people concerned with the many crises that beset humanity and the earth deal with their apprehension in a number of ways. They read a book. Or they write something themselves. Or they to go to a conference where they can listen to other smart people describe a difficult problem and what we might do […]

Tom Friedman and that Queasy Feeling

Tom Friedman in The New York Times recently called a book I wrote a “master narrative” for our era. His column neglected to mention I was the book’s co-author. But that’s not why it gave me a sickly feeling. Friedman sees himself as a great dialectician. He looks around the world, finds apparently opposing forces […]

Design for Loss of Control is an Evolutionary Question

We just published a few thoughts about the design for loss of control on Design Mind. We’re joining a conversation JP Rangaswami started on his blog Confused of Calcutta in 2006. Last August, Tim Leberecht broadened the discussion to include the design world, and pointed to a number of early efforts at achieving the design for […]