All stories have to begin somewhere and ours began with a single word: Exile.

Our name stands for a process that is transformational in a mysterious and timeless way. As individuals we enter into the experience of exile where we encounter challenges, risks and opportunities both powerful and new. These challenges call out of us a more rigorous and disciplined creative power. This creative power becomes the basis for our leadership in the world. It drives our decisions, our strategies and our sense of self. It prepares us to build new worlds and possibilities beyond the reach of customary thought and creativity.

From the Exile point of view, when people achieve internal breakthroughs that fundamentally shift how they see the world they can drive massive and accelerated societal and business transformations.

Our insight is that we can train people in the skills, tools and practices needed to accomplish this form of innovation and leadership. This training will give them a strategic advantage in business, in leadership and in their personal lives. It will generate tremendous abundance for their organizations while demonstrating a standard of leadership capable of solving the great planetary challenges we face today.