Alexandre Gobbo Fernandes

Global Partner

Through my experience, I use the approach of disruptive innovation to create more value and transformative impact. This approach enables businesses to grow and evolve in a way that is in harmony with the mutually beneficial relationship between the human built environment and nature’s environment.

My work has a deep focus upon helping companies to succeed in the Brazilian market by shifting the way of doing things. I support the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs emerging in Brazil that want to design new innovative products and systems capable of improving the wellbeing of society and the environment.

My studies and professional experience in architecture and design are a great asset that I bring to bear on big, transformative projects. I was trained to face the complexity of multiple systems: understanding and supporting interactions between people and the environment, from the small scale of an object to the global scale of communities and cities, is my special area of expertise.

In my master’s thesis I focused upon the intimate relationship between the built environment, architecture bioclimatics and the performance of building materials. During this investigation I began to understand that the space where material forms meet the human being meets nature contained a critical set of understandings that hold great relevance for disruption and sustainability.

I call this the frontier where relationships between the human built space and the natural space take on form and function. And either these relationships work in a way that is sustainable or not.

Initially, in my work as a consultant for building projects and as an architecture teacher at the university I realized that I would need to do more to really address social and environmental challenges than I was previously aware. This realization compelled me to find a way to unite the “creativity” side of innovation with more of the “business” side of it. As a consequence, I went to Europe and enrolled in a professional Masters course in Management of Eco-innovation, and focused my studies upon the Circular Economic model and the Cradle-to-Cradle Design framework.

This experience in Europe gave me the ability to look from outside of the society I was born and to improve my understanding of the systemic dynamics and challenge inherent in an emerging country like Brazil. I am fluent in Portuguese, Spanish and English, and I use all of my language abilities in my work now in Brazil and abroad.

I have the ability to look into the inner dynamics of an organization, a community or a nation and translate the complexity I see with the eye of an architect. I can see where it is balanced, where it is weak, where it is strong, where it is resilient, and where it is poised to accept change. This is the special skill set I continue to master in all of the projects I am involved in.

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