Ana Ester Rossetto

Global Partner

Ana has been working with entrepreneurs and start-up leaders for the last decade. She has expertise in key business areas such as finance & administration, business development and modeling, product import/ export and sustainability. As a consultant for big companies, she has worked in tandem with EPEA Brazil designing innovative business strategies according to the emergent Circular Economy tools and principles.

Ana’s special area of expertise is a deep knowledge of the Brazilian culture and business environment, which allows her to understand the opportunities and the systemic barriers in emergent countries like Brazil. She is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish and English, with international experience living and working in Brazil, Canada, Spain and France. She has an MBA in International Business and received an additional Master’s degree in Innovation Management from The Universitat de Barcelona.

At the age of 18 Ana engaged in a life changing a backpacking experience in which she set off to discover the different cultures and treasures of South American countries like Chile, Argentina, Peru and Bolivia. This experience marked her deeply, and fueled her passion to work with people from different cultural backgrounds, as well as her passion to develop entrepreneurial opportunities capable of changing the planet for the better.

Ana is at her best when driven by challenges that allow her to use her multi-faceted business and cross-cultural skills on projects that help organizations create disruptive business models based on principles of a circular economy.

Exile Team