Andrew Markell

Principal and Co-Founder

Andrew has been working with leaders around the globe for the last twenty years that are acting in bold and courageous ways to transform their organizations and impact the world.

During this time he has worked with top executives and founders in publically traded and family held companies, executive directors of NGO’s and non-profits, government and university leaders, and has taught dozens of courses at the university level. Andrew began his career working with hard-core gangsters on the west coast for a decade beginning in 1995 at a time when violence and urban mayhem was prolific. This body of work gives him an edge in high intensity corporate and organizational settings and allows him to see situations from unique and important vantage points.

Andrew’s learning background has prepared him to engage complex and ambiguous projects. He has studied and lived in a wide diversity of cultures around the world and has been trained by exceptional teachers. Some of these teachers come from traditional backgrounds in the areas of philosophy, religion, facilitation, innovation and strategic development. Others from non-traditional sources: Tibetan monks while living in the Himalaya and Nepal, a Native-American medicine woman and her family for 12 years and I’ Chuan martial arts training for more than twenty years.

The perspective Andrew brings to every project is grounded in the insight that this era in time represents a threshold historical moment. The legacy of our collective planetary leadership will mark the future in ways that are almost incomprehensible in their magnitude and importance, and there are tools available to help.

Andrew speaks English and Spanish. His Nepali and Chinese need a month overseas to rekindle, some years ago he could read Sanskrit and Hebrew, and he is currently learning Portuguese.

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