Smart Ecologies: a way to build a truly sustainable economy

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Entrepreneurs & Investors Unite! An Integrative Approach to Venture Development

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The Key to Real Power is Through Proper Training

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On Intelligence & Taking Action in a Complex World

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The Iron of Life and the Iron of Death: Claiming Leadership

Kwan Yin Training Sessions

We are pleased to announce a new workshop coming up at the beginning of 2015. You can view the full flyer here. To inquire about applying, contact Kate or Andrew Markell at 503-998-0252 or by email: and

Our Messaging Challenge

From a messaging standpoint, we are in a never-ending experiment it seems to balance being just out of reach and within reach at the same time. We want to stimulate people’s curiosity, we want things to be concrete, and we want to actually say something that entails a risk – for the reader/client and us. […]

Our Upcoming Workshop in Brazil

  You can view the full flyer in English or Portuguese. To inquire about receiving an invitation, contact Ana Rossetto. Please email or call +55 48 9617-6700

A Failure of Leadership

Perhaps amidst all the talk of what great leadership is, it may prove to be more fruitful to ask what comprises a failure of leadership. I say this because I am constantly surprised to find in my work a trend where the more a leader has been trained in a host of “great” leadership skills, […]

Hip-Hop and the Art of Disruption

Last month we keynoted a four-day gathering for 120 leaders of the progressive movement here in our home area of the Pacific Northwest. We were asked to come in and disrupt the status quo; to shake things up a bit. As part of our work we created a leadership training process that happened within the […]