Kwan Yin Training Sessions

We are pleased to announce a new workshop coming up at the beginning of 2015. You can view the full flyer here. To inquire about applying, contact Kate or Andrew Markell at 503-998-0252 or by email: and

Our Messaging Challenge

From a messaging standpoint, we are in a never-ending experiment it seems to balance being just out of reach and within reach at the same time. We want to stimulate people’s curiosity, we want things to be concrete, and we want to actually say something that entails a risk – for the reader/client and us. […]

Our Upcoming Workshop in Brazil

  You can view the full flyer in English or Portuguese. To inquire about receiving an invitation, contact Ana Rossetto. Please email or call +55 48 9617-6700

A Failure of Leadership

Perhaps amidst all the talk of what great leadership is, it may prove to be more fruitful to ask what comprises a failure of leadership. I say this because I am constantly surprised to find in my work a trend where the more a leader has been trained in a host of “great” leadership skills, […]

Hip-Hop and the Art of Disruption

Last month we keynoted a four-day gathering for 120 leaders of the progressive movement here in our home area of the Pacific Northwest. We were asked to come in and disrupt the status quo; to shake things up a bit. As part of our work we created a leadership training process that happened within the […]

Occupy A New Dream

“In times of uncertainty there is no greater certainty, no greater possibility than with an invincible hero. And on this night, the hero is dead.” -unknown Political turmoil was still widespread in the early 1990’s in Guatemala, and in 1992 I was twenty-two and living in a town called Xela. Xela was an important center for […]

The Smoke Screen of Being Right

I have not been able to touch the destruction within me.  But unless I learn to use the difference between poetry and rhetoric my power too will run corrupt.  – Audre Lorde During the last year we have had the opportunity to work with a number of corporate executives in leadership positions, as well as […]

Black Swans and the Geometry of Denial

Smart people concerned with the many crises that beset humanity and the earth deal with their apprehension in a number of ways. They read a book. Or they write something themselves. Or they to go to a conference where they can listen to other smart people describe a difficult problem and what we might do […]

Tom Friedman and that Queasy Feeling

Tom Friedman in The New York Times recently called a book I wrote a “master narrative” for our era. His column neglected to mention I was the book’s co-author. But that’s not why it gave me a sickly feeling. Friedman sees himself as a great dialectician. He looks around the world, finds apparently opposing forces […]

Design for Loss of Control is an Evolutionary Question

We just published a few thoughts about the design for loss of control on Design Mind. We’re joining a conversation JP Rangaswami started on his blog Confused of Calcutta in 2006. Last August, Tim Leberecht broadened the discussion to include the design world, and pointed to a number of early efforts at achieving the design for […]