Exile Holdings

Exile Holdings is the umbrella for our investments, co-developments and shared assets.

Through this structure we provide strategic capital support and related innovation services for transformative companies, new ventures and emerging markets. Between the food, technology, wellness, money, media and education domains, there is approximately $123t in untapped market capitalization.

The ‘middle market’ is comprised of a long-tail of early stage companies, infrastructural projects and middle stage businesses – typically that have been in existence for 7-10 years or less – that drive the economy forward… That is, when they are properly supported. Of the $289t+ that has been allocated across funds (yes, trillion) for ‘social impact’ investments, only a tiny percentage has been deployed. Most of this has to do with outdated vetting processes, as well as the general inability to see markets as whole systems with gaps tied to significant civic and ecological needs.

Our perspective, therefore, is quite simple: human & environmental needs are the great emerging markets.

The good news is that privatization along with public-private partnerships are forcing the hand of institutions such that they can no longer ignore the socioeconomic realities ‘on the ground’.

Currently, we do not operate as a fund for many reasons; one is that most capital structures (LPs, PPMs, etc.) induce resulting pressures that severely restrict the capabilities and options of operators/entrepreneurs. Another element in the mix is the outmoded ways in which we establish and measure real impact. That said, we are working with several well-resourced groups on developing new ways to support entrepreneurial efforts that move well beyond mere transactional characteristics.

Our current trajectory is in generating multiple recurring revenue streams, while reinvesting a majority of our profits back into the emerging markets we see as being vital to our continued existence on this planet.


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