Once or twice in a lifetime, a leader is given the opportunity to cross a threshold in her leadership. She sees a tremendous opportunity, and recognizes that big, maybe even radical shifts are required of her and her organization to realize this opportunity. This threshold moment is ripe with potential, and it is also an event surrounded by risk, power, mystery and uncertainty. When leadership engages in such a period of transition and transformation many brand new elements come to the center.

Yet very few leaders are actually trained to work with, manage and eventually master risk, power, mystery and uncertainty. We are talking about a skill level in listening, guiding, feeling, intuiting and seeing that goes beyond the ordinary to the extraordinary.

When organizations get it right, when leaders rise to the occasion, a level of creativity and capacity comes to life that is best described as amazing. For those trained to cross such thresholds, a world of leadership possibility and unrivaled organizational potential awaits.

The Exile approach to leadership, strategy and innovation is grounded in what we call the Exile Studio Experience model. Work and training occur in a space akin to an artists studio where all forms of experimentation, risk-taking and new learning flow in a dynamic pattern. This studio space accelerates a powerful, embodied spirit of exploration and skill-building. Our clients evolve quickly once freed of the customary constraints of organizational life. Communication deepens, trust grows, imagination expands, listening improves and penetrating insights become the norm.

Extraordinary times require extraordinary people operating at the highest level of capacity. This is why we created Exile.