Unawares nearly everyone wastes a great deal of energy. They leak emotional energy by succumbing to anger, stress and frustration. They leak mental energy by cultivating undisciplined thoughts in their heads, and they leak physical energy through poor posture and constrained breathing.

This fact is perhaps more true with top executives and others who find themselves in environments intensified by great levels of pressure and complexity. On top of this, the latest brain research proves that humans facing intense levels of stress and complexity have difficulty learning new things.

People are literally wired, on the level of the neuro-physiology, to revert to old patterns and ideas even when they no longer work. Stress, pressure, and intense complexity worsen this tendency.

These negative patterns and tendencies are endemic in organizational life, and incredibly, are almost never directly addressed.

We have found that for new things to stick, a training methodology needs to closely simulate the experience of intense pressure, conflict, and uncertainty that leaders encounter in their working lives. Such a process reveals the particular ways each of us, under stress, reverts back to incoherent patterned behaviors often sharply incongruent with the needs of the day.

Once revealed, and brought to the level of conscious awareness, something can be done about it.

Our standing practice trains our clients how to make a different response under pressure. They learn to utilize the energy, conflict, and dissonance that come with increasing levels of complexity in a world of near-constant disruption. Through disciplined and consistent practice, our clients are able to literally rewire their nervous systems.

As a result, they are able to cultivate imagination, abandon ordinary forms, and liberate themselves from set patterns, mindsets, and approaches in a way that is both sustainable and replicable over time.

They literally build a foundation of health that extends outwards to their teams and companies that sustains accelerated learning, agility, and growth despite the massive pressures and unknowns all around them.