Our Work

Our work combines unique leadership tools with adaptive design practices to produce optimal living + working conditions.

We have found that operations struggle and companies fail because leaders and co-workers typically do not build power into their bodies – they simply cannot sustain their energy such that they can operate at their highest capacities. This also prevents them from seeing realities for what they are, and possibilities for what they can be. Alas, the key to transformation is deceptively simple, even if the dynamics can be highly complex.

We use a core process of co-design to surface the knowledge ‘in the room’. Unlike many consultancies, design firms and advisory groups, we do not prescribe anything to clients and partners – we simply bring out the expertise of diverse stakeholders, then map out the possibilities.  It is a phenomenal way of seeing the ‘whole market’ opportunity, while being able to identify very tangible steps in moving forward.

The visual below encapsulates what we are building and the disciplines we’ve developed in the creation of a polycultural society. A polycultural society is one in which all human beings can live & work on their own terms. Most if not all of the systems within the current paradigm are not designed to enable this. Hence, why we design + build alternatives.

We play key operational (executive) roles in almost all the new ventures within our core ecosystem. This ensures that sound, scalable operations are established, and that the ecosystems themselves can properly share resources. As we head further into an era of great complexity matched with increasing automation, it is paramount that we develop new skill-sets emerging out of the intersections by which alternative solutions are developed. This is not the future of work, as it were, it is what work looks like in the present moment.

Are you ready to co-create & execute on what is required in this present moment?