Corporate Self- Mastery


We are working with Futuredraft, a Digital Design firm in Oakland California, to help them evolve themselves and their business as part of one coherent process. This is a very special special project for us, as the folks at Futuredraft are all world-class designers with a vision of solving some of the great problems in the world. Currently they work with clients like GE, AMEX, Morgan Stanley, Charles Schwab and Ford and employ a powerful co-design methodology in all of their projects. 

Futuredraft has a vision in which they use their co-design/co-creation process in spaces that go beyond digital design into contexts with their corporate clients like the future of banking, the future of transportation and the future of healthcare. They are also training themselves to be in a position to work on hugely complex and challenging global problems – like water scarcity, refugee crisis solutions, and the organization of urban city-scapes.

We are training them to be prepared – through the lens of self mastery – to meet the demands of their vision; to be at their best under pressure, to cultivate an evolved creative power, to facilitate and co-design at the highest level and to evolve the design process in service to their goals and aspirations.