Tools have one purpose: to build capacity and mobilize potential. So, the question to ask yourself is this: how are you going to build, sustain and grow capacity – of your people, your structures and most of all of yourself? Then, how are you going to mobilize this capacity to get the job done, whatever job that might be?

Exile emphasizes four areas of expertise within which are contained a myriad of tools:

Stand – Without the proper foundation, no structure can stand. Without the right physical, emotional, and intellectual structure, humans cannot excel. Our standing practice tool teaches the fundamentals of right structure.

Focus – True focus takes place in the neurophysiology, not only in the mind. Innovation takes place when a leader can expand into complexity and thrive.

Confront – Where old and unquestioned belief systems hold sway, thought and movement are tight, and relationships are restricted. Followership is limited. Creativity is constrained. If thoughts and movements are soft, leadership is hollow. Presence lacks authentic power. Skillful engagement of old patterns is a requirement for effective leadership and high potential cultures.

Evolve – The measure of a people is their spirit; the look in their eyes, the health in their body and the poise in their style. We harness all these elements to dramatically accelerate potential, potential capable of catalyzing the evolution of culture, of innovation and the spirit of leadership.