We help leaders look at the world that shapes them through a specially designed practice of self-study that leads to self-mastery. We train them how to observe themselves and others from a place of heightened awareness.

And we are well aware that concepts of self-study, self-awareness and even self-mastery have become commonplace in more advanced organizations and leadership circles. The truth is, they rarely lead to enduring and sustainable change – and even worse, they often end up doing nothing more than muddying the waters.

The Exile practice of self-study is different because it is anchored in the body. This physiological element allows us to train our clients to access their deepest judgments and assumptions in a rapid and accelerated way. Work of this depth exposes the tacit foundation for knowledge and potential that often lives below the level of conscious awareness, the ground where all the power is.

Our clients come to know and eventually work with their hidden liabilities. They integrate these liabilities and move onto higher ground. Nothing, absolutely nothing builds capacity faster than when leadership and organizational life embodies this discipline.

Behind every one of us is the influence of ancestry and a unique cultural/family identity. On top of these influences are models of philosophy, politics, economics, and scientific and religious world views. Every person unconsciously organizes around these worlds, and resultantly develops a host of fixations and liabilities that undermine their personal and professional dreams and goals- their potential.

The only way to grow is to become aware of how these worlds of belief, values and experience shape and direct behavior.